in Bambini

In our kindergarten, we offer the opportunity to participate in additional afternoon English classes, during which we expand communication, and learn many new expressions and phrases that go beyond the standard language curriculum for preschoolers. We use multimedia games and teaching aids that stimulate children to be more active during classes, and also support learning to read in a foreign language. Additional lessons are held in small groups, in a specially arranged language room, equipped with many interesting materials supporting the process of learning English.

What do we draw particular attention to?

We develop the individual skills and predispositions of children.

We use teaching content and techniques adapted to the cognitive level of the children.

We approach teaching in a multisensory way – we develop and stimulate all the senses, e.g. during games and plays.

We get to know the culture of English-speaking countries during the implementation of interesting projects and during the celebration of holidays and important events.

We improve our understanding skills from an early age, so that the next natural stage is the ability to speak.


Dance classes for children are, above all, great fun in movement, during which children learn various dance styles, among others. modern dance, ballet and ballet. Classes are enriched with games that affect balance, body posture and body strengthening. These classes also develop: motor coordination, visual and muscular memory, sense of rhythm and musical sensitivity. Dancing is also an extremely creative hobby. When a child comes up with his own system of movements, he trains his imagination and abstract thinking.

Activities involving gymnastics

Rhythmic classes develop children's musical abilities, shape the musical culture and hearing of the child. During these classes, children perform various types of music and movement exercises that support the child's intellectual, physical and emotional development. During rhythmic activities, children learn dance routines, sing songs on various topics, play simple percussion instruments, the so-called Orff's instruments, including: drums, tambourines, knockers, rattles, triangles, melodic bells. Children are having a good time getting ready for performances on the occasion of Christmas and kindergarten celebrations.

Sports activities

Sports activities in Bambini are organized on the basis of gymnastic exercises, elements of athletics and team games adapted to the age, physical development and temperament of the children.

The classes take into account the elements of sensory integration, educational kinesiology processes and games important for children of this age, shaping the proper body posture.
Classes are conducted in an attractive way, with the use of motor games and activities, traditional and modern sports equipment.

Classes are conducted by an experienced physical education teacher.

Speech therapy

Speech therapy classes are conducted by a teacher who has experience in conducting speech therapy exercises with young children.
The classes consist in shaping the correct pronunciation of the child, taking care of its proper and best phonetic, grammatical and lexical development. The classes also include improving the efficiency of the articulation organs and developing the vocabulary. Children are diagnosed for speech therapy classes by the end of September.

Classes are conducted in groups of 4.


Chess is a great game and sports discipline, and at the same time the most popular game in the world. It has a positive effect on children, teaching them to predict, logically, compete in sports, be patient and train their memory. Chess also teaches children the ability to control themselves and teaches them a sense of responsibility for their own decisions and courage. During the classes, children play in pairs or as a team. Children from our kindergarten also make their debut in Chess Tournaments, achieving success.

Children raised in the satisfaction of the spirit often sit beside flowers to admire them, but immediately get up to take action, for only by acting can they make sprouts bloom full of beauty and their own little personality.

Maria Montessori, 2014, Discovery of the child.