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About us

In 2002, I founded the Bambini Private Montessori-based Pre-school. I created the kindergarten out of love for children, to whom I devote most of my life.
All my experience, which I used to organize the kindergarten, was based on careful observation of children, direct work with the youngest, as well as on the analysis of their amazing activity and willingness to learn about the entire universe.

Małgorzata Stankiewicz-Klimka
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Bambini is a pre-school unit where children learn through their senses and direct action using the Maria Montessori Method. All kindergarten rooms are equipped with original Montessori aids. Children play and learn according to a fixed framework for the day, which includes daily English classes, individual Montessori work, program activities, playing in the preschool garden, walking to the park, relaxing, free play and participation in additional activities. Children’s meals are prepared in the kindergarten’s kitchen and are also served at regular times of the day.

Each month, we carry out educational projects with children that awaken children cognitively, expand their skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm to explore the world. Projects are also carried out in English.
In our kindergarten, parallel to Montessori teachers, there are English teachers who communicate with children in English throughout the day.
Teachers edit work plans based on the program and the basis of preschool education of the Ministry of National Education.
All people in contact with our preschoolers are great educators, for whom the passion is everyday work and striving for excellence in contacts with the youngest.
Our pre-school unit received the highest marks as a result of an external evaluation carried out by the Board of Education, and was also a laureate of the competition “The Best Pre-school in Wielkopolska”.

What distinguishes Bambini?


The Maria Montessori method is the leading style of work in our pre-school unit.

Bambini is the first kindergarten in Poznań that works in accordance with the principles of Maria Montessori and her philosophy of upbringing.

All rooms are equipped with original materials in the field of practical day exercises, sensory, mathematics, speech and space education – nature.
During individual work, children, in addition to the knowledge resulting from working with a specific Montessori material, also acquire social skills. They learn to cooperate, but also to wait patiently and negotiate.
Every day, children work with the material in accordance with the principles of this method: they choose it on their own, work with it anywhere and for as long as they need it.

Bambini is a kindergarten where children can express their inner needs in line with the Montessori main tenet: “Help me do it myself.”

  • Rooms equipped with original Montessori materials
  • Learning to wait, give way and negotiate patiently
  • Building self-esteem and accuracy
  • The ability to express your inner needs

English language

Learning English in Bambini is completely natural through everyday contact with a living language – an immersion method, and the language is used by us as a means of communication in everyday preschool situations. Classes are conducted in the best way in preschool age – through play and in learning structures and new words we are helped by courses from leading British publishers, i.e. Macmillan, Pearson, Oxford University Press. We develop individual skills and predispositions using the content and teaching techniques tailored to the cognitive level of children. From an early age, we improve our understanding so that the next natural stage is the ability to speak. We get to know the culture of English-speaking countries during the implementation of interesting projects and during the celebration of holidays and important events.

Own kitchen

Bambini pre-schools have their own professional kitchens, where the chefs prepare breakfasts, two-course dinners and afternoon tea – they make sure that the children are full and satisfied. Meals are composed daily, according to the established menu, which meets all the nutritional values of the meals consumed by children. The kindergarten joined the GLUTEN-FREE MENU program of the Polish Association of People with Celiac Disease and on a Gluten-Free Diet, providing children on a gluten-free diet and celiac patients with a specialized diet.
Bambini shapes healthy eating habits among children. Children learn to prepare their own dishes and set the table properly. Drinking water is available for children throughout the day. We take care of children’s health by offering them the highest quality fruit and juices.

Sample menu 1

Sample menu 2

Sample menu 3


The Bambini pre-school is located in the heart of the Sołacki Park, which belongs to the Sołacz-Jeżyce district. Pre-school units are located at ul. Wołyńska 8 and Mazowiecka 6. The great location in the center of Poznań, and at the same time the location near the Park, makes parents willing to enroll their children in our pre-school. As part of their daily stay in the open air, children enjoy the green areas of the park. At our kindergartens there are also children’s playgrounds, where children are happy to spend time playing.
The location of the kindergarten allows you to reach us by tram lines no. 9 and 11 and bus lines no. 60, 64, 82. For parents who come to Bambini with their own car, we have designated, reserved envelopes – parking spaces only for Bambini parents.

2,500 Bambini graduates

But when children are in direct contact with nature, then suddenly all their strength comes out of them.

Even aged less than two (…) they can walk kilometers.

Maria Montessori, 2014, Discovery of the child.