Bambini Private
Montessori-based Pre-school

We have been ensuring the free development
of children for 20 years using the Maria Montessori Method

What distinguishes Bambini?

What distinguishes Bambini?
Equipping the pre-school with original Montessori aids and individual classes conducted in accordance with the assumptions of Maria Montessori.
English language
Daily English classes conducted by qualified philologists, as well as ongoing communication with children in English.
The great location of the pre-school unit in the center of Poznań, and at the same time close to the green areas of the Sołacki Park, which children use every day.
Own kitchen
Own professional kitchens, where all meals for children are prepared, taking into account individual diets.


Bambini is a pre-school unit where children learn through their senses and direct action using the Maria Montessori Method. All kindergarten rooms are equipped with original Montessori aids. Children play and learn according to a fixed daily schedule, which includes daily English classes, individual Montessori work, program activities, playing in the preschool garden, walking to the park, relaxing, free play and participation in additional activities.


English in Bambini

Learning English in Bambini is completely natural through everyday contact with a living language – an immersion method, and we use the language as a means of communication in everyday preschool situations.

  • We develop the individual skills and predispositions of children
  • We use teaching content and techniques adapted to the cognitive level of children
  • We approach teaching in a multisensory way - we develop and stimulate all the senses, e.g. during games and activities
In a joyful, peaceful atmosphere, children solve various problems of social life on their own, which brings, step by step, free individual activity.
Maria Montessori, 2014, Discovery of the child.

About the
Montessori method

The Maria Montessori method is the leading style of work in our pre-school unit.

Bambini is the first kindergarten in Poznań that works in accordance with the principles of Maria Montessori and her philosophy of upbringing.

All kindergarten rooms are equipped with original Montessori materials in the field of practical day exercises, sensorics, maths, speech and space education – nature.

In each room, as assumed by the Montessori method, there is only one copy of the development material. Therefore, children, apart from the knowledge resulting from working with a specific issue, also acquire social skills. They learn to wait patiently, give way and negotiate.

Bambini is a kindergarten where children can express their inner needs in line with the Montessori main tenet: “Help me do it myself.”

2,500 Bambini graduates